Spirtual Awareness

Name Chanting

Name chanting or naam jap is continuous chanting of the holy name of our beloved God. When performed in a group, it is called naam sankeertan. In the holy scriptures, it is said, "Kalyug keval naam aa...



Watch these inspirational videos to get a beautiful message which it contains!!...

Bhakt Stories (Bhakt Charitra)

Love for God is the biggest attribute which leads to peace, joy and satisfaction in our life that no worldly pleasure can give. A bhakt is a true ideal to emulate which ignites the fire of Love for Go...

Prayer to God (Prarthna)

Prayer brings us close to God. Praying connects us to the Almighty. Praying is best way through which we can talk to God. The more we pray to God, the more our love for Him increases. In the...


Meditation is ‘Silent Prayerful Waiting’


Health is physical, mental, social & emotional well-being. Health is being in proper alignment with the Universal energy.