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good health

Good Health

Health is physical, mental, social & emotional well-being. Health is being in proper alignment with the Universal energy. The whole universe is based on one life force i.e. COSMIC ENERGY. The one whose body is an open channel for receiving cosmic energy will be in a state of good health & all his cells will be vibrating with the healing touch of the universal cosmic energy.

Holistic healing

Holy means pure. Holistic healing means receiving & vibrating the PUREST COSMIC ENERGY and treating the whole persona including mental & social factors rather than just the symptoms of the disease.

  • COSMIC ENERGY or VISHWA SHAKTI as we may call it is the purest, healthiest, most subtle & most concentrated form of energy which is healing, surrounding and enveloping the whole universe or COSMOS.
  • After this, comes Air which energizes us in the form of oxygen transported to all cells of the body through blood.
  • Then Water- the Elixir of life which detoxifies and purifies our body.
  • At last comes food which is the most focused & gross form of energy.

Our body is truly wonderful. It is like an interconnected web of many systems and organs working together. When one system is stressed or agitated, the brain sends ripples (signals) across the body & the whole body feels stressed out & disturbed.
When we are emotionally disturbed, stress hormones adrenalin & cortisol are released in blood inducing illness in the body.

Emotions i.e. Energy in motion. An emotionally disbalanced mind sucks our physical energy too & leaves us drained out. But when we detach from this monkey mind and see the big picture, we realize that everything happens for a reason.

We wish to solve all problems at the physical or psychological level but when we rise to the spiritual level & connect to the Universal energy, all the problems are effortlessly solved and we attain permanent peace & bliss.

How to be an open channel to receive COSMIC ENERGY.

    1. Meditate.
    2. Feel one with the whole Universe.
    3. Pranayam.
    4. Live in the moment.
    5. Be positive.
    6. Practice inner & outer silence.
    7. Have no ego.
    8. Understand your physical illness.

1.  Meditation:
     All of us have two minds-

  • Conscious mind: – This is the logical analytical mind with which we work in the present moment. It is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Subconscious mind: – It is the store house of all our past lives. It contains all the data of our past relations- good and bad. It is the actual giant iceberg. It is responsible for all the attachments & repulsions that we feel in our relationships.

With meditation comes calming & then emptying of the subconscious mind bringing us back to the DIVINTY within.

The universe is empty. It is 99.9 % space & only 0.01 % matter. The more thoughtless, desire less & egoless we are more we connect to the cosmic energy.
This brings about a major shift in the body by opening all the vital chakras of the body.

We all have an aura or an ENERGY FIELD. Our aura reflects our state of mind & thoughts. There are 72000 nerves in our body. There may be many blockages in the energy field due to stress, wrong food, wrong eating habits & wrong life style etc.

40 minutes of Meditation every day does magic to our system. It heals the body miraculously.
ABCD of Meditation –

Asana- Sit in Sukh asana.

Breath- Breathe deep & Long.

Cosmic energy- Receive cosmic energy.

Divinity- You will have divine spiritual experiences.

 ‘Meditation is the key to good health’

  • Concentrate on your breathe. Free your mind of all the thoughts.
  • Meditate every single day. The time we should meditate is directly proportional to our age. If we are 20 years old, we must meditate every day for at least 20 minutes.
  • Meditation done under the guidance of a Spiritual Master Satguru gives best results. The SATGURU is an enlightened person whose sheer presence gives the devotee a feeling of pure well-being, happiness & bliss. The Satguru attracts, inspires & transforms.

2.  Feel one with the whole universe: Have u ever wondered, why do we seek love, respect & strength outside?
Because we feel their lack inside.

When we realize I am one with the whole universe, I am ATMA BRAHM, complete & WHOLE; we also come in that completeness & receive the cosmic energy to the fullest. Then Divine Love flows.

3.  Pranayam: Pranayam is balancing the Pran Shakti i.e. the oxygen we breathe in. It is conscious deep breathing & letting oxygen reach to each & every cell of the body. This results in opening the inner blockages & purifying the body to receive cosmic energy.

4.  Live in the moment: A mind cluttered with regrets for past and anxieties for future has no powers to receive the universal energy. Practice living in the moment. Present moment is the moment of power. It is the gift of God.

5.  Be positive: In the universal circuit, this whole earth is negative & only that consciousness is positive. To connect to that energy we cannot have the luxury of even one negative thought. Feed yourself with positivity to connect to the super consciousness.

6.  Practice inner & outer silence: When the chattering of our monkey mind stops & we accept everything & everyone with love, a blissful inner & outer silence prevails soothing & healing us from inside.

7.  Have no ego: Lesser the ego, greater the Cosmic energy that we receive. Ego creates conflicts in relationships & at work place. All your relationships with your family, friends & kids will improve when your relation with your own self improves. Indulge in selfless Seva. It gives a feeling of worthiness, happiness & bliss.

8.  Understanding your physical illness: Analyzing the illness will help to eradicate the root cause of the illness easing the flow of cosmic energy.

What, Why & How illness is created ?

Illness always has a purpose.

  1. It is always personal.
  2. Illness is not our enemy. Get the message it is teaching us.
  3. Speak to your body because the more you resist, the more it persists.
  4. Illness shows itself in the body in  three ways :–
  • Whisper (tender kiss) – Mild symptoms.
  • Tap on the shoulder- Little more symptoms.
  • Hard kick on the back- The symptoms completely show in the body.

Illness reflects a state of DIS-EASE (not at ease) with your life.

  • Be relaxed.
  • Be comfortable with yourself.
  • Have no complaints
  • Accept life as it is with love –

‘When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.
When the belt fits the belly is forgotten.
When we accept life with love,
all the worries & troubles are forgotten.’

  • Remove the should & musts from your life.
  • Learn to enjoy life as it is. It is God’s greatest gifts.
  • Acceptance Creates ‘EASE’.

Illness means there is an imbalance in giving and receiving love.

Expectations and possessiveness create stress, mental imbalance and disease. This is all due to EGO. When we indulge in selfless service, let divine love flow; according to the law of abundance the more we give, the more we receive.

  • Accept and appreciate everything and everyone with selfless love.
  • Be grateful for all the blessings of God.
  • Forgive & Forget. This world is God’s university. We have all come here to learn our lessons. All the karmic debts have to be cleared. Give Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. Free yourself from all the karmic debts.
  • Let go. Do not entertain bad feelings about anyone. They do more harm to you than to others.
  • Let be. Give freedom and space. What you give you get back.
  • Be positive.

Illness means there is lack of life’s purpose & meaning.

  • Feelings that I am not good enough and I am not loved are the two main negative emotions causing stress.
  • An aimless life creates a destructive emptiness causing depression.
  • Be constructively busy.
  • Serve selflessly.
  • Keep updating yourself with positives thoughts.
  • Enrich yourself by learning new skills.

Illness is a result of how you have lived your life

  • There are three ages of a human body –
  1. Physical age: How old we are.
  2. Psychological age: How young we feel.
  3. Biological age: Condition of the body organs.

Stressful living deteriorates organs. ‘Why this is happening in my Life and why this is not happening in my life?’ Both are EGO. Going with the flow of life without stress & accepting everything is Love for God.

  • Relax.
  • Listen to your body. Talk to your organ. Feeling is healing.


Illness is due to chronic patterns of speaking & thinking.

  • The body releases stress hormones when we blame & condemn others & ourselves.
  • Every word is MAGIC.
    1. Hitler created war through words.
    2. Spiritual Masters create love, Bliss, happiness & spirituality through words.
  • Practice Inner & outer silence.
  • We create an aura by our thoughts & words. Have a pure blissful aura that spreads peace, harmony & love all around.

Illnesses originate & heal in your own energy field.

  • When the body, mind & soul are aligned properly; healing begins.
  • Our aura is our energy field. Lord Buddha had an aura of 80 kms.
  • Meditation & Om chanting amplify & purify our energy field.
  • Enhance the energy by living in the present moment.
  • Emotions: – Energy in motion. Emotional disturbances suck our physical energy also. We feel restless & irritable. Try to be calm & stable.
  • Nature gives pure energy. Feel the energy of flowers, water, air, earth, space, fire, food etc.
  • Negative thoughts inside lower our physical energy & mental capabilities as well.
  • Fill yourself with more & more positive thoughts. If we wish to connect to the supreme power PARMATMA, who is the highest positive energy; we cannot have the luxury of even one negative thought.


More serious the illness, greater the need for change.

More illness shows mind is seriously blocked somewhere and there is a majorly wrong thinking pattern. Our energies are constantly blocked and we are not receiving the purest, healthiest form of energy i.e. cosmic energy. This also shows
we need to change the whole life style Including food, water, exercise, thinking and speaking pattern as well. Major changes bring major results.

Human body is a temple. It is the manifestation of God. So love, care & not abuse it. Practice holistic healing. When we realize experience and love the DIVINITY within, then only we can spread that divinity everywhere.